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Is prevention better than cure?

Feb 6, 2015

Yes, off course!! The well known saying “Prevention is better than cure” impels health care, there are two destinations in this phrase “Prevention” and “Cure”. We should choose our destination wisely. If you want to go for “Prevention”, then this article is for you. Happy Reading!!


Make 2015 Healthier with these Tips

Jan 1, 2015

Say good bye to your old habits in 2014 and welcome this New Year 2015 with healthy routines. Well, if you want to make changes in this New Year, then this is the perfect time. Let start our discussion with what are the things, which make most of the people sophisticate. In many instances, “stress” is the thing that robs people calmness as well as happiness.


Importance of Diagnostic Services

Dec 20, 2014

Health care is gaining increasing importance in recent years, so it is extremely necessary to use standardized diagnostic services to recognize health issues. There is wide range of diagnostic services exist for various health problems in present days, some of them are listed below:


Benefit to improving diet and exercise at the same time

May 15, 2013

When you decide it’s time to live a healthier lifestyle, you’re likely to get better long-term results if you start improving your diet andincreasing physical activity at the same time.

It may seem better to improve just one thing at a time. But while you don’t have to make drastic changes overnight, a new study suggests that.....

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Extra protein is Good but don’t overdo it

May 15, 2013

Diet-wise, I was good yesterday. I had a scrambled egg with salsa for breakfast; spinach salad with grilled chicken for lunch; a handful of almonds for a snack; a small piece of salmon, broccoli, and brown rice for dinner; and fruit for dessert.

I say “good” because I like to limit my carbohydrates to one meal ...

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