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Prevention is better than cure

Feb 6, 2015

Yes, off course!! The well known saying “Prevention is better than cure” impels health care, there are two destinations in this phrase “Prevention” and “Cure”. We should choose our destination wisely. If you want to go for “Prevention”, then this article is for you. Happy Reading!!

Even thought prevention and cure are related to each other, one can experience lot of difference between these two situations. Knowing the difference between these things could help battle against any health problem. In earlier days one may not found many advanced techniques in order to identify disease, with the improvement in medical science nowadays one find lot of techniques to recognize any disease based on symptoms. However, the scenario is entirely different in olden days, as people at that time were not fall in sick frequently. Moreover, in present in days 2 in 5 of family members fall in skin due to various reasons.

Food habits, worries or stress, hormone imbalance, body disorders, external threats infection and many more issues wreak havoc on our body. Due to these problems our immune system can be affected and show several symptoms such as dizziness, frequent headache, low grade fever, back pain, loss of appetite, joint pain, etc which socks our daily life.

As diseases make its own remark on patient or your health, when we find any disease at the time of final stage it will be annoying instant. So, precautionary measures such as healthy food habits, sufficient sleep, taking soluble fiber food, drinking more water, stress free life, first aid, daily exercise, early diagnostic and many others can prevent infections in the first place, but it is in your hand!

Hopelessness to prevent something becomes one of the most negative impacts to cure any problem. Precautionary measures affects 70% positively on every individuals, so don’t neglect. Exploring various health care techniques in daily basis, eventually make your home is a place of peace and happiness.

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