Onsite Health Checkups

At Vittals we are equipped to provide employee health screenings which enables workforce health data analytics. We provide a wide range of employee diagnostic testing options, aggregate medical data analyses and sophisticated online tools to some of the Major Corporates , HR , Employee Benefit Consultants, Corporate Wellness Administrators, and Group Health Insurance Providers. In doing so, we remove the mystery behind rising healthcare costs and provide actionable information necessary to effect change.

As a part of healthy workplace initiative, we offer onsite health screenings and specific need based health checkups which are easy to implement in workplace premises. Also if the program or management necessitates the need for an in-house Physician to remain onsite on regular basis, the same can be facilitated by Vittals by stationing an able consultant from amongst the group of esteemed doctors on a periodic basis paramount to the client's requirement.

As a valued strategic advisor to all our corporates, HRs, Healthcare Management Consultants and others, we regularly leverage on diagnostic health testing and medical screening services which has always remained in the best interest of our clients. We have worked side - by - side with some of the largest names in the industry to ensure that the health screening process evolves with the needs of our client.

Our years of success in managing employee diagnostic testing programs , a proven methodology for accurately collecting health data and a robust set of analytics and reporting tools has enabled us to gain the trust and confidence of Corporate Honchos , Management Gurus , HR Moguls amongst others. Our unbiased approach to interpreting employee health affairs allows us to produce objective, quantifiable data which enables the HR and Healthcare Consultants to make actionable recommendations that create value and synergy and drive positive change into the workforce environment.

Our Onsite Health Camps entails comprehensive services which include:

  • Onsite Registration of walk-in employees
  • Professional coordination, dedicated client support helpline
  • Pre-event preparation and medical setup prior to the day of screening
  • Pre-populated registration paperwork for participants
  • Full suite of medical tests by healthcare professionals
  • Secure data transmission to authorized healthcare partners
  • Aggregate employee health data reporting
  • Employee Health Dashboard

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